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Web Design and Web Hosting can create just about anything you need your site to accomplish.  Below are the most popular services my clients ask for. 
I also offer a great Web hosting package.

Contact forms
Contact forms are very important to your site for many reasons:

  1. Forms allow you to get the exact information you need from your customers the first time, reducing the need for repeat e-mails.
  2. Forms hide your real e-mail address reducing potential spam attacks.
  3. Messages sent with forms can additionaly be backed up on your site allowing you to view them later on.

Ability to easily update their Web site

A lot of Web designers charge to make even the smallest update to a Web site.   Every site developed by gets exclusive access to a What You See Is What You Get on-line editing tool.   You can change formatting such as Fonts, Colors, Web links, and Images. Advanced users can even edit the HTML and create new pages to expand their site.  All changes are made instantly to your site so there is no wait time.   Demo coming soon.

On-line Photo Manipulation Tools
If you will be dealing with a lot of photos on your site, you will love this tool.  Once you have scanned the photo, you no longer need to spend time in complicated graphics program getting it ready for your site.  Using this simple tool you can crop, resize, rotate, add text overlay, convert the image to black and white, and even remove red eye.
Click here for a demo of this tool.

Other services:
Shopping Carts
Flash Intros
Database driven web sites

Web Hosting also provides domain name registration and web hosting assistance for my clients. For $140, I can set you up with the following package, setup included:

1 year domain registration (
1 year web site hosting with the following features:

  • Up to 3000 MB of storage space
  • 40 GB per month transfer
  • Unlimited E-mail Accounts and Fowarding
  • Custom webmail (screenshot)
  • Customized Calendar  (screenshot)
  • WYSIWYG Editor to make your own updates (screenshot)
  • PHP and Perl support
  • MySQL database for data storage
  • 15 sub domains (
  • 3 parked domains (additional domains that foward to your site and allow e-mail addresses)
  • On-line user statistics

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